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Breed reference sites

Cleveland Bay mare and foal

Resource list is currently incomplete – check back soon!
One of the best ways to understand color is to analyze different breeding populations. The following links are good resources for assembling images for comparison. Opportunities to observe rare or unusual variations are noted, though the lists are not exhaustive.

Also included here are sites that outline foundation lines (male or female) for different breeds. These sites are often a treasure trove for anyone trying to track down color lines – or just observe how a particular breed has changed over time.



Appaloosa History Index – photos of appaloosas, organized by registry number

Mangalarga Paulistas

(belton spotting, colored socks, “banded” sabinos, salpicada)
Prime Selection – auction listings (Facebook photo album)
Revista Mangalarga – breed magazine

Mangalarga Marchadors

(belton spotting, “Spanish” greys)
Marcha News – breed magazine and links to auction catalogs
Revista Marchador – breed magazine

Czech Belgians

Cold-blooded Stallions – website with sire lines (historical and present)

Norikers (all types)

Cold-blooded Stallions – website with Silesian sire lines (historical and present) Czech
Cold-blooded Stallions – website with Czech sire lines (historical and present) Czech