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November 28, 2019 0 Comments

This blog takes its name from a series of books on the history of color in the various breeds of horses. In addition to the Equine Tapestry books, I have also written a series of books on color for equine artists. The following is a list of books currently in print and where they can be found:

Equine Tapestry: Volume 1, Draft and Coaching Breeds

This was the first of the Equine Tapestry books. It was published at a time (2011) when color printing was prohibitive for small, independent publishers. It contained a front section with an overview of colors and patterns and sections on draft breeds and coaching breeds. It is still in print, but is scheduled to be replaced by a full-color second edition.
Written and illustrated by Lesli Kathman
Paperback, 424 pages
Published July 2012

Equine Tapestry: An Introduction to Colors and Patterns

This was the second of the Equine Tapestry books. It was intended to replace the overview of colors from the first half of Volume 1. Full color photos and illustrations are used throughout.
Written and illustrated by Lesli Kathman
Foreword by D. Phillip Sponenberg
Paperback, 196 pages
Published July 2014

Guides for Artists and Collectors

Guides for Artists and Collectors were small handbooks covering a specific topic of rendering horse color, targeted especially for artists who produce equine collectibles. One guidebook on Tobianos and one on general pattern design were published. A third book on appaloosa patterns was planned but was not published. These were made available by subscription but have since been discontinued.

Color Commentary: Thoughts on Color Variation in Horses

Color Commentary is my current book project. A sneak peek at one of the page layouts (minus the text) can be seen on the slider above. It doesn’t have firm publication date, mostly because it is the kind of project I can work on in small bits of stolen time. Readers of the blog will get a heads up when it is completed, though!

By lkathman

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