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Pedigree databases

Resource list is currently incomplete – check back soon!
The following are free-access pedigree databases. Green text denotes links to public studbooks maintained by governments or registries. When a breed is known by a different name in its home country, that is listed in italics. Because online databases are not always functional using browser translation, navigation tips are listed for some entries.


All Breed Pedigree Database
Sport Horse Data
Horse Telex
(in Finnish)
(in Polish)
Polish Horse Breeders Association (in Polish)
Horses and Ponies in the Czech Republic (in Czech)

Riding Breeds

Pura Raza Espanola
Dutch Warmblood
Australian Stock Horse
Rocky Mountain Horse
Curly Horse Pedigree Database
Polish Arabian Horse Database

Draft Breeds

Silesian Noriker (in Czech) Norický Kůň


Chincoteague Ponies