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More appaloosa color shifts

June 20, 2021 0 Comments

This post first appeared on March 20, 2012
I apologize for the delay in getting these images up. I had hoped to slip them in before I got caught up trying to meet a few deadlines, but that did not work out as planned. Posts to this blog don’t really follow a set schedule, but I suspect they will once again be a bit erratic as I try really hard to finish the revisions to the book. (Yes, I did decided to revise the sections on splashed white to reflect the current studies.)

These are more examples of the kind of color shift seen in some black appaloosas. As I mentioned in the previous post, many – but not all – black appaloosas have a base color that is diluted to a pewter-bronze color. The elderly fewspot gelding in the picture above was mentioned in the comments section of the previous post. Colt was owned by my friend Marge Para, who said he had been registered as a red roan. I suspect a lot of these horses end up registered that way. Here is a close up of Colt’s feet showing a color very similar to that of my mare.

By lkathman

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