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December 25, 2019 3 Comments
Welcome to the revival of the Equine Tapestry blog. The original blog was started in 2011 and continued for five years. Its archived posts can be found here. It lead to the publication of two books (with more planned). The blog eventually became a casualty of a clunky, hard-to-fix design and my increased focus on printed publications. With the new site, I hope to return to some of the topics that were left unfinished as well as explore new discoveries. It is an exciting time in the field of horse color!

By lkathman

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3 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. So, so glad to see you back.
    Your work is fascinating and so incredibly helpful. Thank you for all of your hard work in sharing this with us all. It is cherished and has heartfelt appreciation.

  2. Hi Lesli, I am delighted to see the Equine Tapestry blog come alive again. I really enjoyed reading your original blog, and both your Books (with their excellent quality colour reproduction for photos and very readable and interesting content), so its a lovely Christmas present to discover we will have the pleasure of reading more of your insights and thoughts upon Equine Colour genetics in this new blog. Thankyou for taking up the ‘pen’ again !

  3. I really missed your old blogging, and I’m so happy to see you’re starting to do it again! Loved the way you simplified confusing topics, and looking forward to what you’ll be writing in the future.

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